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Pedi QuikCalc is the fastest, most up-to-date medical calculator for pediatrics, giving you instant access to weight-based drug dosing, IV fluid rates, and weight conversions.  Pedi QuikCalc contains only the information you actually need every day, so you can find it fast. I can’t tell you the last time I needed to calculate the A-a gradient!  Additional calculators like an Estimator for weight- and length-for-age, Growth Charts, Bilirubin evaluation, BMI-for-age, Adjusted Mid-Parental Height, and a flexible Dosage Calculator expand on these core functions.

Pedi QuikCalc is frequently updated to bring you the most current pediatric medical information and best features!

Speed nursery rounds, quickly calculating the percent weight loss from birth weight, and then finding where the bilirubin results fall on the nomogram! Simplify calculating the percent dehydration from the patient’s weight loss, and find the IV fluid bolus volume and IV rates for proper, staged rehydration. Use the NICU baby’s discharge weight in grams to calculate the weight gain on your scales in pounds and ounces!

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• Weight-based pediatric medical and dosing calculator1

  1. Innovative data entry and automation display results quickly and clearly WITH LESS TAPPING!

  2. Universal App for all iOS devices, optimized for iOS 12 and the latest iPhones and iPads

  1. INSTANTLY find weight-based drug dosing and need-to-know prescribing information

  2. AUTOMATICALLY suggests best drug dosing and formulation

  3. Downloadable Drug Formulary updates

  4. Flexible Dosage Calculator allows fine-tuning of drug dosing

  5. Estimate weight- and length-for-age using the latest CDC Growth Data

  1. Searchable drug list contains hundreds of medications and topicals used frequently in general pediatrics

  2. Drug information includes breast-feeding and pregnancy categories, and need to adjust dosing in hepatic and renal failure

  3. Enhanced drug search functionality allows searching all drugs by trade or generic name OR by pharmaceutical category (like "Cephalosporin," "Corticosteroid," "Histamine Antagonist," or "CNS Stimulant")! A really fast way to find specific drugs, or a group of related drugs!

  4. Pain management drug dosing, searchable by categories like "Analgesic," or "Opioid"! (Includes Codeine, Demerol®, Dilaudid® IV, PO and PCA, fentanyl, hydrocodone/acetaminophen, morphine, morphine PCA, oxycodone, Percocet®, Vicodin®).

  5. Search for drugs by usage category like Pediatric Advanced Life Support (“PALS”) or Community Acquired MRSA (“CA-MRSA”)

  1. The fastest, clearest Bilirubin calculator for viewing bilirubin risk zone interpretations and thresholds, plotting bilirubin on the risk, phototherapy, and exchange transfusion nomograms, and viewing the AAP recommendations for evaluation and treatment of hyperbilirubinemia

  2. FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND BMI-for-age calculator displays numerical and graphical results using CDC BMI tables

  3. Clearest pediatric Blood Pressure calculator to screen and manage blood pressure using the latest 2017 AAP Clinical Practice Guidelines for Screening and Management of High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents

  4. Plot length and weight on WHO or CDC growth charts

  5. Reference latest AAP and CDC immunization schedules

  1. Calculate IV fluid boluses, staged rehydration, and maintenance rates

• Convert patient weights between Pounds/Ounces and Kilograms

• Calculate weight change and percent weight change

  1. Compute patient’s age from Date of Birth or Time of Birth

  1. Adjusted Mid-Parental Height calculator

  2. Additional calculators and access to useful web links expand core features!




1 Suggested dosing provided as an educational aid and not as a substitute for or an override of professional judgement.



LISTED #1 in Contemporary Pediatrics “Top 10 Apps for pediatrics” (Feb 2017)

RANKED #3 in Pediatric Annals (May 2012) “10 Useful Apps for Everyday Pediatric Use”

RATED 4.5/5 stars iMedicalApps (Sep 2012) “a must-have app for anyone who sees children in their practice.”